What is MDT ?

My Dream Team Builder (MDT) is a social networking platform that was deployed with the goal of facilitating the assembly process of project teams. The platform provides the opportunity to better understand the assembly behaviors of people through the application of communication theories and the analysis of digital trace data. Matching and ranking algorithms were designed to provide theoretically driven recommendations for team membership. The platform is a web-based application where participants enter personal data in the form of a survey that is used as part of profile creation.

User answers personality and network based questions.

User sets query in the form of teammate preferences and importance.

Recommendation engine is fired to show possible set of teammates.

Users interact to grow their team.

MDT video introduction.

Who are we ?

The Science of Networks in Communities (SONIC) research group advances social network theories, methods, and tools to better understand and meet the needs of diverse communities. SONIC develops cutting-edge techniques to study and improve social and knowledge networks in distributed working groups, online communities, virtual teams, and other large communities. Using a comprehensive methodology, SONIC researchers model, assess, validate, and enable the emergence of social and knowledge networks. SONIC helps communities discover their existing communication and knowledge networks, diagnose their network’s health by measuring its robustness, connectedness, bottlenecks, etc., and design the social incentives and technical infrastructure needed for networks to function at optimal effectiveness.